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Virtual Breeder Instructions

You will need the Shockwave plug-in to use this breeder. If you don't have it, you will see an icon (a red "X" or a puzzle piece, usually). Click on the icon and you will be taken to the plug-in download site. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and it's worth it!

Use this virtual breeder to calculate the offspring your breeding pairs could produce. Click on the "male" and "female" tabs and select the appropriate check boxes to indicate the parents' types. You can only choose one set of parents at a time. Either click the tab again or click the "Set Male" or "Set Female" buttons when you have chosen each bird's type, and press the "breed" button to view the breeding results.

This version of the Virtual Breeder can no longer be updated, and does not include the creamface mutation, Australia-only mutations, or crossover results. Please install the iOS app for the most up-to-date functionality.