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Welcome to the Virtual Breeder!

If the Virtual Breeder does not appear on this screen, try downloading the Shockwave plug-in. Note that Shockwave does not work in all browsers, and does not work in iOS.

I am currently in the planning stages of developing a Virtual Breeder app! Please email me with any suggestions, feedback, encouragement, etc.!

If you have any comments or suggestions relating to genetics or the Virtual Breeder, please send them to me (Kirsten) at anderson@kirstenmunson.com. I do love hearing from you guys!

We offer gifts for the tiel lover in the gift shop! You'll also find original paintings in the art gallery.

How to use the Virtual Breeder

What do "X1" and "X2" mean?

Why isn't "albino" an option in the Virtual Breeder?

A note on pastelface and whiteface

My cockatiels' chicks don't match the Virtual Breeder's results. Why?